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Hello Campers

Campground Rules:

Check-in: After 2Pm    Check-Out: Before 11Am

Absolutely No Fireworks!

Quiet Hours: 10pm-7am (no generators running during quiet hours)

Children: Do not leave unattended, you are responsible for their safety at all times.

Pets: Please clean up after them, must always be on a leash, do not leave unattended. Notify park management if you are leaving pet in camper/RV for extended period of time. 

Wildlife: Do not leave food, dog food or trash in campsite. Do Not approach. Contact park management of bear sightings. 

Trash: Do not leave in fire pits or in campsites. Put all trash including cigarette butts in garbage bin provided by park management. If camp site is left dirty a $25 fee may be applied.

Fire Pits: All fires must be kept small and, in the ring provided. Do not burn treated wood, green wood, wood that is larger than the fire ring or trash. Fire must be put out completely at the end of each use. 

Please help us keep Montana fire free!

Restrooms: No pets, laundry or dishwashing allowed. Children must be supervised.

Speed Limit: 5mph, please watch for children, pets, and wildlife. 


(406) 837-6973


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